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The H.A.V.E. Project's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Mask deliveries: We partnered up with a local manufacturing company making masks to deliver at NO COST to veterans, their families, vulnerable people and neighbors.

Our volunteer drivers were screened for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to deliveries and then trained to deliver masks under strict COVID-19 precautions (no close contact with recipients, social distancing, etc.). 

2. Music videos for Veterans: We partnered up with local music talent Noah Moses to help manage/host a daily Facebook music video lineups. We believe during COVID-19 quarantine restrictions that music can be a great therapeutic avenue of healing and stress relief. Please check out our Facebook page to enjoy the past performances.  

MASKS Bruno promo.JPG
Music videos week 1 lineup.PNG
MASKS Matt Veronica selfie.JPG
MASKS colage with sokody shan courtneys
MASKS collage with Shan and Veronica.JPG
MASKS Frank selfie.PNG
MASKS collage with shawn.JPG
Music videos week 3 lineup.PNG
Music videos week 2 lineup.PNG
Masks Sokody selfie.PNG
MASKS Mike Shan selfie.PNG
MASKS on door with wave.JPG
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